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The United States requires all inventors, designers, manufacturers, and distributors to care for the safety and well-being of consumers by producing safe, reliable products. Unfortunately, many of these individuals or even entire companies are negligent of their responsibility. When their carelessness leads to a horrible injury and extensive damages, you can be justly entitled to compensation. Reach out to our Mineola product liability lawyers for fair representation after a traumatic personal injury from a damaged or faulty product.

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Types of Product Liability Claims in New York

There are multiple ways that a manufacturing company or commercial enterprise could have been negligent in designing or distributing hazardous products and goods. Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable about each of these different arenas and in determining which scenario most likely applies to your case.

Many kinds of product liability injuries involve some form of:

  • Defect in design – When the product was inherently dangerous from its very design, where the creators did not take into consideration all the aspects it could harm a user, this could lead to devastating injuries.
  • Defect in manufacturing – Sometimes, products may have been designed safely, but the lax procedures during manufacturing caused the object to become dangerous. Whether the products were loosely sealed, or missing a critical piece, they can instantly become deadly to consumers.
  • Lack of warning – Certain products inherently have more dangerous components if they are not used properly. Failing to have clear warning labels and instructions, whether on children’s toys or home tools, could cause instantaneous pain and even death.
  • Misrepresentation during marketing – It is the responsibility of the retailer to indicate how a product must be safely used, as well as include descriptions of potential side effects if used improperly.

Products That Are Commonly Prone to Liabilities

Unfortunately, any product can cause terrible damage and suffering to any user. However, there are certain products which are more prone to create these injuries, whether due to their complicated parts or to manufacturers’ desire to rapidly market them.

Our devoted attorneys can help with any case related to these common liability products, including those involving faulty:

  • Medical equipment, surgical devices, and implants
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Automobile parts, such as seatbelts, engines, breaks, and airbags
  • Construction tools, from large machinery to smaller power tools
  • Children’s toys
  • Electrical devices
  • House care products such as hair dryers or blenders
  • Cleaning products

Trust in Our Dedicated Attorneys

When you purchase any product, from a new tire for your vehicle to a toy for your toddler to play with, you deserve the reassurance that you or your loved ones will not be harmed by that item. If retail centers, manufacturers, and corporations have committed grievous negligence by allowing you to purchase a defective item, you need to seek retribution for your pain and suffering. Allow our Mineola product liability attorneys to help settle your case.

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