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Being accused of any crime within the state of New York is a serious business, but there are few as devastating to your life and liberty as being convicted of a drug-related crime. Even if you were caught with a tiny amount of marijuana or a medical substance without a prescription, you could be spending several months in jail and paying a large fine. Tragically, many drug crimes involve someone who has simply been thrust into the wrong situation at the wrong time, or who may have even had controlled substances planted on their person by another party. To avoid facing a major misdemeanor or even a felony that will negatively impact your life in countless ways, reach out to our Mineola drug crime lawyers.

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Understanding Laws for Drug Possession in New York

The state of New York takes any charges having to do with drugs extremely seriously. Even being found in possession of the smallest amount of a drug could result in devastating, life-long consequences. When you have been charged or arrested for having a controlled substance, time is of the essence to get support from our knowledgeable attorneys.

Immediately get in touch with our team if you have been accused of being in possession of:

  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Crystal meth
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy
  • Marijuana

Compounded Consequences for Drug Crimes

While it is bad enough to be accused of any drug, certain situations can compound your troubles, even if you were completely unaware that you were in proximity of a certain zone.

Some of the examples of circumstances that can increase the impact of your charges and extend the length of time you need to pay them include situations where:

  • You were found in possession of drugs or were distributing near a school zone
  • You were found distributing controlled substances to a minor
  • Paraphernalia of drugs were found on your person or property
  • You were accused of participating within a larger conspiracy also involving drugs
  • There were weapons involved
  • You were found to be driving while your abilities were impaired by drug usage

The Penal Law §220.31 of New York states that any charges for distribution charges are counted as a Class D felony on their own. Yet depending on how much drugs were involved, along with the type of substance that was in your possession or was being distributed, could dramatically increase the consequences you might receive.

The Importance of Having Qualified Drug Crime Lawyers

The state of New York is well-known for having some of the most stringent laws against drug possession and distribution in the whole country. Even though there has been minor progress made in seeking opportunities for those charged to enter a treatment program rather than face many years in prison, severe fines, and permanent stains on their criminal records, juries and judges tend to lean towards harsh retribution. To seek a fair trial and an opportunity to clear your name from these devastating charges and consequences, it is essential to gain the support of our dedicated Mineola drug crime attorneys.

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