Drinking Driver Program (DDP)

Mineola Drinking Driver Program (DDP)

Seeking Alternative Resolutions for New York DWIs

Have you recently been arrested for drinking and driving in New York State? You may be eligible to participate in the state’s Drinking Driver Program, otherwise known as the DDP, instead of serving jail time or enduring other penalties. At Grizopoulos & Portz, P.C. in Garden City, our Drinking Driver Program attorneys understand New York’s DWI laws and penalties and can use our years of experience to protect your interests. If you choose to work with our firm, we will work to get you the lightest possible sentence so you can move on with your life.

To learn more about the DDP and how we can help, call (516) 908-8833 or contact our firm online. We offer free, confidential, and no-obligation case evaluations to all potential clients.

What Is the Drinking Driver Program?

According to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, the state’s Drinking Driver Program (DDP) helps its participants examine the arrest experience and the reason for their arrest. It also helps them learn to make appropriate driving decisions for the future.

During the DDP introductory session, participants are asked to consider the reasons and goals of the program and its requirements for completion. Under the guidance of the director and staff, the participants discuss the social, medical, legal, and driver safety problems caused by alcohol and other drug abuse. The program includes classroom education, screening, evaluation, and treatment if warranted.

DDP Requirements

As a DDP participant, you must attend all seven weekly classroom sessions. Each session takes 2 to 3 hours, for 16 hours total. When you satisfactorily complete the classroom sessions, your involvement in the DDP will end—unless the program refers you for formal evaluation, and any resulting treatment.

If you are referred for evaluation, you may choose a provider from a list supplied by the DDP. If you are not satisfied with the results of the evaluation, you may contact the DDP director and request a second evaluation. However, you must accept the findings of the second evaluation.

After evaluation, you may be required to complete a formal substance abuse treatment program. If you fail to complete the required evaluation or treatment, you will be dropped from the DDP, and your conditional license will be revoked.

You will be dropped from the DDP and lose your conditional license if you:

  • Do not attend class, any required evaluation, or treatment
  • Do not otherwise satisfactorily participate in the program
  • Do not pay the program fees
  • You are convicted of a traffic infraction which the DMV is notified of

When you enroll in the DDP, you must pay the DMV a nonrefundable fee of $75. After enrollment, you also must pay a fee directly to the agency that will conduct your DDP classes. The maximum DDP enrollment fee is $225, payable to the program you attend. Most programs charge a $175 fee.

At the completion of the program, depending on your license status and driving record, your license will be restored, or you will be eligible to apply for a new license.

Learn More About the DDP During a Free Consultation

If you or a loved one has recently been charged with a DWI in New York State, we understand the stress and worry you may be feeling. Everyone makes mistakes, and most people who are arrested for driving while intoxicated regret their decision and are willing to make it right. To learn more about your options after you have been charged with a DWI and we can help, reach out to us today.

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